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Adhd Driving Lessons

Driver Education for Teens with ADHD

Driving is a complex psycho-motor skill and can be challenging for a student with ADHD. So, to get more value from the classroom, if possible, the student can take their first driving lesson while still taking the class.

Why ADHD Driving Lessons?

The classroom information is still fresh in their minds which helps them relate it to what they are doing on their lesson. And an additional benefit: Our teachers have noted that ALL students who have taken their first lesson have an easier time taking their quizzes in the classroom

Parental coaching on working with students behind-the-wheel by your student’s teacher

Because statistically, ADHD drivers are shown to have poor driving records, we provide parents with specific Professional Training Techniques that can be used by parents, to help keep their son/daughter “in the present moment”. Even the Secretary of State suggests the parents use this effective technique even before driving lessons begin! (teachers also may use this technique on the driving lessons)

You will learn how to implement specific strategies to create a safer trip on the road for the teenage driver with attention deficits.

Parents will leave the training with a new set of tools to support their teenage driver as he or she learns to drive and manage distractions, impulsivity, and other impediments to safe driving.

You will benefit from the research done on how drivers with ADHD can create a set of routines that eliminate many of the risky behaviors associated with ADHD and driving.

We will walk you through the steps necessary to set up and manage an effective pre-trip checklist and to create and use an effective Driver’s Log to record driving experiences for post-trip discussion with your teen.

We provide the tools necessary to start a Graduated License Plan immediately for your new driver based on the prototype developed by a well-respected ADHD researcher.

You will learn the impact your teen’s medication has on the effectiveness of his or her driving and some specific ways you can help him or her manage the medication protocol to mitigate risks.

Program bundles driving and classroom available

Online account access 24/7

Program Details

18 hours of private behind-the-wheel instruction:

 Behind-the-wheel instructions with an ADHD certified Driver Education Specialist in a supportive atmosphere

 Teachers tell students WHAT to do and HOW to do it

 Student stays with same teacher to create continuity!

30 hours of class instruction:

 The information the students receive in the class is designed to support their in-car learning experience.

 We have a good variety of tools that teachers use in class. One of them is visual learning which is very effective for most students. As John Medina, author of the excellent book BRAIN RULES, states: “vision trumps all other senses.”

 Because of this, we purposely do not use power point presentations; too much “text” for students to read and comprehend.

 Our videos are short, to the point, and often paused as they are shown, to help with clarification.

 The Learning Guide, which the student can take home, is extremely picture- orientated.

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