Adult Driving Lessons

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Adult Driving Lessons

Adult Driving Lessons Program

Students 18-20 must have completed a 6 hour adult driver education course if they did not take driver ed in high school. We offer these classes at several of our locations and on-line.

For driving, all adults will receive private driving instruction based on their own personal needs. Lessons are given in an Adams vehicle, which is dual-controlled and safety inspected weekly. Adams’ instructors are full-time professionals who are very patient and very understanding. And we offer free pick up and drop off for all behind-the-wheel lessons.

Because we teach more students how to drive than any other driving school in Illinois, our teachers really are experts at working with people who are nervous about learning how to drive.

There are no contracts to sign. Students are under no obligation to take any certain number of lessons. They take only the number of lessons they personally need to become safe and confident drivers. And, when ready, the student will take the road test in the same car in which they were trained.

Driving times are available from 7:00am to 9:00pm daily, weekends and holidays included at no extra charge. Students will pay as they learn directly to the instructor at the beginning of each lesson by cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX or Discover.

All training will begin in a low traffic area. Here the student will become comfortable behind the wheel as learning to make turns. And then, as confidence is gained, the instructor will take the student out into heavier traffic, onto the expressway, and before long for the road test.

No permit? Ask about our affordable permit package which includes a trip to the Secretary of State to get your permit and 6 hours of instruction.

Learning to drive is easy and fun. Just give us a call to get started right away!

Services offered for adults:

 Assistance in obtaining permit

 Classroom instruction

 In-car instruction

 Trip to DMV for road test and to obtain driver’s license

Have a question? Please call 847.965.6565